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Phrasal Verb To Turn Down To Break Up

What are phrasal verbs? How to use phrasal verbs? What does to turn down mean?

Phrasal verbs – turn down/break up


1) A phrasal verb is a verb that is made up of a main verb together with an adverb or a preposition, or both. Typically, their meaning is not obvious from the meanings of the individual words themselves.

2) The phrasal verb to turn down has several meanings:

a) to turn down means to turn the switch on a machine (e.g. an oven, radio etc.) so that it produces less heat, sound etc. (opposite to to turn up).

Can you turn down the TV? I’m trying to study.
I’ll turn down the heater. It’s too hot in the room.

b) to turn down means to refuse an offer, request, or invitation.

Ann offered Peter the job but he turned it down.

c) to turn down means to refuse someone’s offer of marriage.

We were shocked to hear that Lilly turned him down.

d) if the economy turns down it means that the level of activity falls, companies become less profitable etc.

After the crisis in 2008 the economy has turned down.

The phrasal verb to break up has several meanings:

a) to break up means to break into a lot of small pieces.

The vase just broke up in my hands.

b) to break up means to separate something into several smaller parts.

I think that their intention is to break up our company into several smaller ones.

c) to break up means to stop a fight.

Their mom was the one to break up fights.

d) to break up means to make people leave a place where they have been meeting or protesting.

Police broke up the demonstration.

e) to break up (with) (when speaking of marriage, group of people, or relationship) indicates that the people in this relationship separate and do not live or work together anymore.

I was so sad to hear that my favourite band broke up.
James broke up with Kate broke up last year.

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