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The English Master Course: English Grammar, English Speaking

This course is HUGE - 4 courses in 1.

The English master course covers all areas of English learning.

English grammar, English speaking, English writing (punctuation), and English pronunciation. There are over 40 hours of video lessons, hundreds of examples and practice problems, and full-length PDFs.

English Grammar Section

Over 90 different English grammar topics. No other course covers as many English Grammar topics. Full video lessons and conversations showing you the English grammar in use.


You will learn to score higher on your English exams like TOEIC, IELTS, or TOEFL. Hundred of practice problems and examples. Full-length PDFs for offline learning.

English Speaking Section

Learn to speak like a native English speaker. Learn how to talk about 27 different topics. Learn hundreds of new English vocabulary, verbs, and phrases. Improve your accent and gain confidence while speaking.


Includes American and British audio so you can pick which accent to learn. 75 full-length real conversations with native English speakers allowing you to truly master the English language.

English Writing Section

Learn the grammar behind English sentences and their different structures. Master all 14 English punctuation marks so you can write better and more professionally.


Get that new job you want or better grades in school. Hundreds of examples and writing practice problems. Full-length PDFs and video lessons.

English Pronunciation Section

Build the perfect English accent. The accent training section covers all the sounds of the English language. Learn how to make each sound correctly.


In addition, train your accent with professional voice actors using state-of-the-art accent training activities. Pick an American or British accent.


Verberly C.

I have been using Course for success for over 2 years now, it was relevant then and even more so now, I always refer now and again to refresh my skills. The instructions are lessons are easy to follow and I am happy to be able to learn at my own pace.

Sandesh K

I'm a newbie in this course and really enjoying it. The best part is that the instructor is always there to answer your question don't matter how many times you ask